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Project Description

A tool for WindowsMobile-Devices to take control of my expenses.

Comes in combination with a (probably WPF)-PC-Application to register my income. It reads the data from the mobile device to check if my financial survival is at risk.

Comment by project coordinator

This project should keep your personal finances in mind to avoid this little things called "banking crisis". Your smaller expenses should be tracked with a WindowsMobile (5.0 or 6.1). Small means all expenses you handle with your wallet. This is why the WM-software is very simple and not fully featured. It only should be very fast and easy to handle.

If you want to manage complexer expenses like rent or other periodical spending, there's a desktop client. This part of the software also can book earnings. It additionally should be able to make some kind of statistics. May be.

The WM-client is developed on .Net-Compact 3.5
The Desktop-client is develop on .Net 3.5 and should use WPF.

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